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July Family Golf Month

Make July Your Family Golf Month!

Make 2023 memories with friends and family. In the US, July is the official family golf month so we have decided to make it ours. Here are some ideas as to how you can make July your family golf month.

1. Share your love of Golf with Family & Friends

Bring them out for 9 holes, 18 holes or a game of Pitch & Putt. You can go online and choose a tee-time that works best for all of you. We have lots of choice available.

Sign up for a family or group golf lesson. We offer special packages customised to suit the needs of families or friends. Full details here.

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Get the whole family out on to the Pitch & Putt Course and enjoy the stunning scenery in great company. We have Gold Tees and Cheat Sheets for the kids as well as Family Score Cards! Full details here


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 2. Mentor a new golf player

Do you or your family already know how to play golf? Well, you can mentor or teach another family during Family Golf Month. You will grow your friendship (go easy on them) and have some great laughs and chats while improving your own skills in the process.

 3. Share the Stunning Surroundings

You can do a lot more on a golf course than just play golf. Deer Park Golf offers the most stunning views, beautiful nature and wildlife for you to treasure. And don’t forget  the steps, it’s such a healthy way to have fun!

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We have it all at your fingertips.  Book Online Here!

Click the Book Now button, choose your date, choose your course, and choose a tee time that suits you!

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Posted on 18 Jul 2023.