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Winter Rates

What a fantastic Summer for golf we had with the weather being so good, I would like to thank you all for your business on behalf of all the team, we enjoyed having you all for golf and golf lessons over the past while. It is great to see so many new people taking up the sport and falling in love with the game. It is very refreshing to see all the new faces. 

Golf- 9 & 18 Holes News

As Winter is upon us and the weather is still so lovely for golf, we are now offering our Winter Prices as below for you to continue to enjoy golf over the coming months:


 Pitch & Putt

Our Pitch and Putt course is open all Autumn and Winter also and we will have a Pitch and Putt Family deal being launched soon, more details to follow.

Deer Park Golf-  Alan's Indoor Putting Studio

I have very exciting news! My Indoor Putting Studio has finally been installed and will be ready to go for lessons next week. It is a great way to improve your putting skills over the Winter months. To book an indoor lesson you can email or call me at details below. I can't wait to start welcoming you to my new studio! 

Proshop Open

The Pro-Shop is now open after many months of it being closed. You are more than welcome to come in and sit down and have a cup of coffee or warm beverage once you produce you Covid-19 vaccine certificate. It is great to have the Proshop open to the public again.

New to Golf

We are the home of taking up and learning to play golf so we would be happy to welcome you to the game. If you have any questions on Golf or Golf lessons or totally new to golf do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you all soon at Deer Park Golf.

Posted on 22 Oct 2021.